• Map La Maison - Champs-Elysées (map)
  • 8, Rue Jean Goujon
  • Paris, Île-de-France, 75008
  • France

minimalist bedroom ⚣ BOYS is the second in a series of modified hotel rooms by contemporary American artist Sarah Weis. In this iteration, created for Paris Men’s Fashion Week SS17, the artist and her team have created a total immersive experience, transforming a Maison Margiela-designed junior suite at the illustrious La Maison Champs Elysées into a parallel universe of reflectivity, light, sound and meta performance. At it’s core a hyper-fashion presentation, minimalist bedroom ⚣ BOYS blurs the line between fashion and art by presenting custom garments commissioned to dialogue with the environment constructed. Featured in this edition are American designers Maegan Stracy and Rebirth Garments. 

minimalist bedroom ⚣ BOYS further deconstructs concepts of fashion and presentation by featuring the artists’ actual assistants modeling “minimalist bedroom assistant uniforms” while continuing a glamorized version of their work on the installation during private VIP viewings. At times Weis will also be present, glamorizing her own roles as girl and artist while exhibiting different looks by each designer. Every visit will yield a unique performative dynamic, morphing and layering on itself throughout the week.

minimalist bedroom ⚣ BOYS features a richly absurd original soundtrack by Lily (formerly Ultrademon) and site-specific video content by Geoffrey Pugen.


Viewings by appointment only: girl@minimalistbedroom.com


minimalist bedroom is both an installation/exhibition space based in the artist’s bedroom in Chicago and an international series of modified rooms which will take on many forms. minimalist bedroom ✧ Miami Dream was the first in this series, taking place at the Delano hotel during Art Basel Miami Beach 2015.