Rebirth Warriors is the youth division of Rebirth Garments. Full line coming soon! 

We believe to be a kid or teen today, you have to be a warrior. With so much stress at school, family issues, rampant bullying etc. youth, especially gender non-conforming, POC, fat kids and youth with special needs deserve to be clothed in affirming soft armor. With society drenched in strict gender norms and expectations, the pressure can be unbearable. 

Specializing in:

-Unisex kids/ baby clothing, and underwear—specializing in active wear such as: swimwear, dance, cycling, circus, wrestling, gymnastics, ice skating, etc.

-Gender affirming undergarments for pre-teens and teens (such as binders/ padded bras for trans and gender non conforming youth)

-Intersex friendly!

-Clothing made with adaptations to make easier for youth to dress themselves, or for a parent/caregiver/ aid to dress them. (including, but not limited to making clothing with holes for tubes to come out, clothing with less limbs, slip on neoprene shoes for wheelchair users)

- Decorations and bling for hearing aids, canes, wheelchairs, etc.

-Custom orders can be made for anything to be made with the seams on the outside (this is especially good for people with sensory/ skin sensitivities.

- Clothing and underwear are always made without itchy tags!

Make a custom request here. 

Photograph: Kiam Marcelo Junio