Radical Visibility Collective 2018

Videography and Editing by Totally QAF

Videography: Joseph Thomas and Colectivo Multipolar

Editing by Joseph Thomas

Videography by Totally QAF

React Presents, Rebirth Garments, & The Arts of Life Present Rotations: A Dance Party for Everybody, an event supporting and bringing together people with and without disabilities. Rebirth Garments and the Arts of Life are proud to partner with React Presents to bring a special club night inclusive of all abilities and gender identities. Music provided by Zebo, REDUX DJs, Avenue B, and Pluto. Rotations is a safe space for expression and celebration. This event is wheelchair accessible, offers gender neutral restrooms, as well as calm lighting displays. Earplugs and a relaxed seating area will also be available to all attendees. Many of the models in this show are part of an organization called Proud and Included, we thank them for connecting us with so many awesome folx!

Videography by Totally QAF

Rebirth Garments closing ceremony at Rational Dress Society's Omega Workshop. March 9th, 2018. Featuring Desmond is Amazing! Rebirth Garments is a line of clothing for the full spectrum of gender, size and ability rebirthgarments.com

Videography by Totally QAF

Here we performed at Fed Up Fest, Chicago's Queercore Festival! For more info, and our manifest go to: Rebirthgarments.com

Sky Cubacub is also part of Export Quality Collective- > We are an art + design collective comprised of 12 Filipinx* –/American creatives. We formed in Chicago, but are now based everywhere and feature all over†. Our multidisciplinary practice make space for dialogues‡ and outreach, creating platforms to engage with communities. In doing so, we advocate for more Filipinx visibility within a Eurocentric art world. https://exportqualitycollective.com/ many collective members modeled in this show at DFBRL8R/ Zhou B, but we also had other Filipinx folx in Chicago model!

Radically Visible At Thunder-Sky Inc. Cincinnati, OH.

Videography By Totally QAF

Photography by Grace DuVal

Rebirth Garments performance for Queer, ILL and Okay

Videography by Arturo Cubacub and Gabriel Anaya

Photographs by ji yang

Rebirth Garments Performance for WERQ: Embodying Queer Spirit At Gallery 400

Videography by Zac Osgood and Arturo Cubacub

Photographs by Kiam Marcelo Junio 

Radical Visibility Video


2014 Rebirth Garments Collection

Videography by Gabriel Anaya